Covid-19 Risk Mitigation Policy




We’re delighted to announce we will commence flying on Wednesday 15th July from our facility at Kirkbride Airfield. Following revised guidelines from the Department of Transport which now permit flights in tandem configured aircraft, such as two seat Rotorsport MT03s, Sports and Magni M16s. We are in the process of releasing slots throughout the year due to reducing the number of flights per day down from four to two to allow for cleaning of the aircraft and facilities between flights.


Hygiene Policy

To achieve a safe environment for both you and our staff, we have put in place a revised Hygiene policy:




Total guest numbers are restricted to five per group.

Bottled water will be available, however customers should bring their own food and beverages

Access to the clubhouse and briefing rooms is limited to those flying, outdoor seating is provided for your guests.




All doors are to remain open during the day to avoid the need to touch door handles.

Gels and handwash are readily available.

Single use gloves to be used by all staff.

All surfaces, tables and chairs to be regularly cleaned with suitable wipes/sprays.

If required you may use the toilet facilities. Please wash your hands for a minimum of 20 seconds. 


Safety Equipment


Single use ‘Cool Head’ balaclavas to be provided to all pilots and worn under all shared helmets and headsets.

Single use microphone socks to be provided to all users of shared helmets and headsets.

Helmet visors will be used once and then sterilised overnight.

Single use latex gloves to be worn under flying gloves provided.

Flying suits and gloves to be washed after each single use and dried overnight.

Customers will be encouraged to wear their own gloves and neck warmers.




All aircraft flying controls, seats, seat belts, windscreens and pre rotator knobs will be sterilised between flights.

Both cockpits to be cleaned thoroughly at the end of each day.


Risk Mitigation for Chris Jones Gyroplane Customers


The safety and the well being of our customers and staff is our main priority, therefore it is very important that close attention is paid to this section.


In line with the guidance provided by the health authorities, customers who develop symptoms suggestive of Covid-19 are urged to self-isolate and not attend their booked flight. The expiry dates on vouchers should be ignored as the vouchers will still be honoured long after the Covid-19 virus has passed.


Your temperature will be taken on arrival via a remote source and you will be required to wash your hands immediately upon entering the facility. All customers and their guests will be provided with single use gloves for their protection.


Pre- flight briefings on the controls of the aircraft, seat belt adjustment, instruments and emergencies were, prior to the virus, carried out at the aircraft. These briefings are now available via the video at the top of this page and will also be repeated on a video in the briefing room for the pilot prior to the flight.

The pre- flight briefing will also include how to get into your flying suit and adjusting the helmet strap, if you require assistance, one of your close family members will have to help as the staff will not be able to assist apart from giving advice two metres away.


We will not be able to provide hot drinks, however bottled water will be available. You are more than welcome to bring your own food and drink if you wish.