Gyroplane flying lessons


Having had your trial flight you may now want to take it further and get your Private Pilots Licence (Gyroplanes). You will need to complete forty hours of instruction including a minimum of ten hours of solo flying, two cross countries, five ground exams and a general flying test.

All this may sound daunting especially if you are new to aviation but as I have over 7000 hours and I am a flight examiner as well as a ground school examiner you will be taught by one of the most experienced gyroplane pilots in the North.


How much will it cost to gain your PPL(G)?

For converting pilots, 30 hours @ £130 per hour plus one ground exam, two cross countries, a general flying test and club membership, total £4390

For someone with no flying experience the total will be £5770, this is based on 40 hours of flying and five ground school exams.


Kirkbride Airfield.

I have one of the best training airfields around with 1280 metres of hard runway, 400 meters of cross runway and a 1000 metre grass strip. I also have access to several other grass strips so we can practice going to other airfields and joining their circuits before landing.


The Club House

We have tea and coffee facilities as well as toilet and viewing balcony and for those who need to keep in contact broadband wifi.


The Syllabus.

Ex 1a   Air experience flight

Ex 1b   Effects of controls

Ex 1c   Start up, taxi, shutdown

Ex 1d   Basic flying consolidation


Ex 2a  Fly a straight track at a constant altitude

Ex 2b  Increase and decrease speed at a constant altitude

Ex 2c  Medium turns at a constant altitude

Ex 2d  Climb and descend-straight

Ex 2e  Climb and descend whilst turning

Ex 2f   Fly the cicuit pattern

Ex 2g  Upper air work consolidation


Ex 3a  Rotor management

Ex 3b  Takeoffs

Ex 3c  Landings

Ex 3d  Hops

Ex 3e  Circuit consolidation


Ex 4a  Engine failure to touchdown at the airfield 

Ex 4b  Engine failure in the circuit

Ex 4c  Engine failure on takeoff

Ex 4d  Emergencies

Ex 4e  Recovering from dangerous and unusual attitudes 


Ex 5a  Pre solo check

Ex 5b  First solo

Ex 5c  Solo consolidation


Ex 6a  Advanced take offs

Ex 6b  Advanced landings

Ex 6c  Slow flight

Ex 6d  Fast flight

Ex 6e  Zero airspeed descents

Ex 6f   Advanced turns

Ex 6g  Low flying

Ex 6h  Advanced rotor management


Ex 7a  Join the circuit at unfamiliar airfields

Ex 7b  Precautionary field landing

Ex 7c  Emergency field landing

Ex 7d  Navigation

Ex 7e  Qualifying cross country


Ex 8a  Pre GFT check

Ex 8b  General Flying Test