Chris Jones Gyroplanes

Gyroplanes, Gyrocopters, Autogiros they all cover the same type of aircraft, this being a cross between a fixed wing aeroplane and a helicopter. A gyroplane needs 50 to 150 yards to take off but only a few yards in which to land, this makes them one of the safest aircraft to fly. The rotor cannot stall like a fixed wing and they are far less complicated to fly than a helicopter and so much cheaper to run.



Chelsea, flying over Latrigg and heading towards Keswick on her trial flight.

Ten reasons to take a Trial Flight with Chris Jones Gyroplanes.

  1. Over 8000 hours of experience
  2. Flight examiner
  3. Ground school examiner
  4. 1280 metre hard runway
  5. Open seven days a week
  6. Flight times to suit you
  7. Fly in the Lake District
  8. No hidden fees such as landing fees or touch and go fees to pay.
  9. Very friendly staff
  10. No complicated radio procedures so you can just concentrate on the flying

Gyroplane trial flights through the Lakes and Scotland.