JET A1 is now available  at £0.80 per litre plus VAT

Phone Chris on  07796 955805 for Jet A1 and PPR.

 A busy helipad with two helicopters from PDG.

 The search and rescue guys call in for a rotors running refuel before heading off on their next job.

 You always get a smile and excellent service from Jet A-1.

A Royal Navy Merlin calls in for Bacon rolls and a refuel.

 A very nice Augusta 109 stays over night before heading off to pick up another client.

The Search and Rescue guys and girls from Caernarfon call in for fuel.

The brand new Jet Ranger 505 calls in for fuel on their way down south.

 PDG call in with one of their survey helicopters.

Phil and Neil call in for fuel on their way to Ireland.

 Dick calls in for fuel and a quick coffee before heading off to Ireland.

 The PDG crew call in for more fuel and a quick lunch stop.

 A Eurocopter EC120B calls in with a very interesting paint job.

The Search and Resue S92 from Caernarfon call in for fuel and a coffee.

Dick Barton arrives in the Vietnam Loach on his way to the East Fortune Airshow.

Search and Rescue from Prestwick call into Kirkbride for a rotors running refuel.

The Royal flight call into Kirkbride heliport for a refuel and a coffee.

Another new visitor calls in for Jet A1 

The Coastguard call in to check out our refuelling facilities for future use.

 A Hughes 500 calls in over the weekend on their way up to Scotland.

 A Hughes 369 calls in for Jet A-1 and a quick coffee.

 An RAF Chinook calls in for a 3 ton uplift of Jet A1 and some bacon rolls to go!

 An Air Ambulance calls in for Jet A1 after dropping off a patient at Carlisle Hospital.

 The guys from the Royal Navy call in for lunch and a refuel before heading off to the ranges.

Rotors running refuel for the Apollo Augusta 109 from Carlisle.

 A very nice Agusta calls in for a very quick rotors running refuel.

 Northumbria Helicopters drop in on their way back to Newcastle.

A very nice Jet Ranger calls in for some fuel.

GB Helicopters drop in for a rotors running refuel. Save time and money if you are in a hurry!

 John and Derek help refuel the Caravan with Jet A1.

The guys and girls from PDG drop in for some Jet A1 and lunch followed by an ice cream! Ice cream van calls in on Tuesdays and Thursdays!

A Jet Ranger from Adventure 001 based themselves at Kirkbride for the day taking a large number of passengers for their first experience of a helicopter flight around the Lakes.

 A S76 calls in for Jet A1 on its way to pick up important passengers.

A very nice R66 drops in from Heli Air on its way back to Scotland.

PDG pipeline helicopter calls in and brings the sunshine to Kirkbride!

 A lovely Gazelle drops in for fuel and the owner has time for a tea.

 A Hughes 500 calls in for fuel in the Cumbrian sunshine

 John directs the GB Helicopter onto the Helipad for a rotors running refuel.

PDG drop in for a quick refuel before heading back to the pipelines.

 An Air Ambulance calls in for a quick refuel before heading off South.

 Our first night refuelling, lights are set out to the ICAO standard. Call for more details if you need late night/out of hours refuelling.

 Another very nice Hughes 500 drops in for fuel and the pilots have Sunday lunch at the White Heather Hotel which is only a 1000 yards from the helipad. 

 A twin calls in for fuel before heading towards Scotland.

 PDG return for more fuel.

 An early morning visit from PDG on their way to pick up passengers.

 Helilift from Oxford drop in for a refuel on their way up to Scotland.

If you are in a hurry you can request a rotors running refuel and be on your way within minutes, we will then send you an invoice.

 PDG return for a quick lunch break, fuel and a warm welcome. Why not drop into Kirkbride Heliport and be met by a friendly team, the kettle is always on.

 PDG drop in for more fuel before heading East for power line checks.

 G B Helicopters fly in with their 109 for a rotors running refuel, on the ground for 7 minutes, 190 litres uplifted.

 An imaculate Hughes 500 drops in for fuel and stays for the day.

The Loach from  drops in to refuel with Jet A1 before heading over to the Portrush Airshow.

A new visitor for Jet A1, Heli Air from Cumbernauld in their R66 picking up some Jet fuel before heading home.

PDG Helicopters drop in for a quick refuel, time is money to these guys .

Getting busy now with a Jet Ranger on the helipad and an Augusta 109 coming in for a refuel we may have to rename it as Kirkbride Heliport.

Keith and Christine from Norfolk drop in with their Jet Ranger to refuel on their way to Scotland.

 A very nice King Air drops in to pick up some Jet A1 fuel.

 Defence helicopter Flying School drop in for a quick lunch and refuel.

A very nice Augusta 109 calls in for a rotor running refuel before heading North.

Helilift drop in for some Jet A1 before heading into Scotland.