A tick on the old bucket list

Reviewed 4 weeks ago

Having relocated to 5 miles from Kirkbride Airfield 18 months ago, I’d seen Gyroplanes flying over several times & was determined to have a go. I’d intended to fly this Summer, but Life got in the way, so here I was in the middle of a super-zero December, finally taking to the skies.
Chris was awesome in explaining things, and very engaging throughout, and ensuring that I was sufficiently well wrapped up for what was going to be a very cold hour.
Chris accommodated my bespoke route (I wanted to fly over my house of course!), and we still made it over the Lake District for the fantastic mist-laden scenery on offer.
I had plenty of opportunity to take the controls, including steering around incoming snow flurries (!), and Chris finished it off with some fun low-level flying back at the airfield.
I walked away from the experience with lots of memories, plenty of footage, a big grin, and frozen feet :)
I’ll be looking to relive the experience in the spring or summer next year

Date of experience: December 2022


wrote a review Nov 2020
Ambleside, United Kingdom


Thanks Chris for an amazing experience from warm welcome to soft landing. From your time and explanation pre take off though to kindly demonstrating the Gyroplanes capabilities just before landing I was enthralled by the world of Gyroplanes. Having had the pleasure of flying paragliders, light aircraft, gliders and hot air balloons. I can truly say that Gyroplanes seem the perfect combination of magic experience, accessibility and spectacular viewing platform. I'm coming back for more. Thank you. Matt


Me and my wife both had separate flights on the same day. A wonderful hour spent flying over The Lake District. Chris was great, explained everything, made sure we were OK - We definitely were, allowed us to take the controls, even flew over where we live to take photos. An unforgettable experience. It was great to see the fells and valleys that we know so well from a different perspective. It's actually quite surreal. We'd highly recommend having the flight videoed, the quality is surprisingly good and it's great to be able to relive the experience once back home.

Reviewed September 14, 2018



An absolute fantastic experience, excellent value for money, a highly recommended gift. Chris Jones is an outstanding professional and a fantastic pilot who gives you so much more than just an hours flight. Beginning with the history of the auto gyro Chris gives a great,in depth overview of the aircraft incorporating a tour of the other aircraft in the hangar and the necessary health and safety aspects of your flying experience, Chris's passion for his profession is obvious as he guides you through the flight controls and the mechanics of the machine.
Once in the air Chris's instruction is brilliant as he guides you through the procedure and then gently give you full control of the aircraft. Every opportunity for photographs is given and I highly recommend you let Chris take the video footage of the flight which is barely charged at cost.
I cannot recommend this flying experience highly enough and needles to say I will be flying with Chris Jones again very soon, hopefully to obtain my gyro copter licence.
Thank you once again Chris Jones.
Reviewed December 2019
Mark Cooper.



I took the trip as a retirement present. I'm not a natural aviator but the trip was really smooth and Chris was an excellent guide. It was great fun seeing the lakes from above and waving to the walkers. I'll wave the myself the next time I'm on the fells and see a gyroplane. I would certainly do it again and would recommend the trip to anyone.

Reviewed June 19, 2017

A gyroplane flight is a great way to get a birds eye view of the world, and Chris is the perfect host. I recently had a trial flight and his approach and knowledge made the experience fun and interesting, and the flight itself was wonderful.
I enjoyed a fantastic time and Chris tailored our flight so I was able to pilot the gyroplane above where I live - which was terrific

Reviewed May 29, 2017

The trial flight was bought for me as a Christmas present by my wife.
I waited for summer weather and got really lucky.
Chris Jones is professional and his calm, easy going manner inspires confidence. He took the time to explain how the Gyrocopter "worked" and he was happy to answer my questions.
I was made to feel that I was his most important customer.
The flight itself was amazing. We flew south over ground that I have walked over for many years and I had the controls for what seemed like ages.
The controls were much lighter than I expected - no wrestling needed.
All in all a totally enjoyable experience.
Book one today - but a word of warning: One flight won't be enough. You'll want another!