A great afternoon spent with Robson Green filming for his three part series on Hadrian's Wall.

Gerry from Rotorsport flew into Kirkbride so I could get my hands on the new 915 Sport.

 A nice line up in the spring sunshine at Kirkbride Airfield.

 Steve let me have a go at landing his R44 back at Kirkbride helipad, brave man!

 One day I'll be able to do a vertical takeoff!

 Three Magi gyroplanes with their Spanish pilots head for Spain.

 Norman, the first person to fly a gyroplane around the world, drops into Kirkbride (where he gained his gyroplane licence) for an overnight stay.

 A new arrival at Kirkbride, a very nice Rotorsport 'Sport' 914.

The BBC arrive to do some filming at Kirkbride, to be shown next year.

Norman Surplus from Larne flys in on his way to the Sywell LAA show, a short hop for Norman after his epic round the world gyroplane solo flight.

Three Rotorsport Cavalons at Kirkbride Airfield. (Other colours available)

The Loach 011 from www.huey.co.uk flew in with Dick Barton on the controls and Bradley on the M60 machine gun to attend our Helicopter and gyroplane fly in dispite the rain which unfortunately put many pilots off attending.

For more details of this brand new exciting gyroplane go to http://bulldogautogyro.com/

A sign seen at Sutton Meadows Airfield in Cambridge whilst flying with John Andrews in his Cavalon. 

http://www.rotorsport.org/ Contact Gerry at Rotorsport for the latest Cavalon, Calidus and MT Sport prices.

Gez flying his single seat Merlin in Germany now that he has his PPL(G)

John, refuelling a gyroplane from the 5000 litre bowser. Avgas and Mogas available Wednesday to Sunday, let us know your coming and we will get the kettle on.

The White Control Tower in the rain

Dreams do come true and so can yours check out the Huey and Loach OH6 at http://www.huey.co.uk/