Trial Flights.

Try your hand at flying the fabulous MT03, if you can drive a car then you can fly one of these. I'll talk you through the controls and how they work before taking you up and after a brief demo you will be on the controls in the local area.

A One Hour Gyroplane Trial Flight over the Lakes and Fells of the Lake District. Only £165.

Yes you will be in the front!, well thats where all the bells and whistles are, don't worry I have full control in the back, anyway its more fun up front.

Friends and family can come and relax in the 'Sky Lounge' whilst you are flying. Broadband, tea coffee and toilet facilities are available.

Come and visit us at Kirkbride airfield, open seven days a week if we know you're coming then we can make time for you and show you around then hangar. We have a number of gyros on display rangeing from the early single seaters to the German Mt03s