Simon from Stamford starts his conversion course from helicopters onto gyroplanes.

 Malcolm from Malta heads towards Bassenthwaite lake on his trial flight.

Chris from Newcastle heads towards Keswick in the rain.

 Tim returns to fly the Magni, solo soon.

 Sue heads towards a very wet Buttermere on her trial flight.

 Chris heads over the Solway on his trial flight.

 Ben returns for more flying on all of the controls, PPL(G) next.

Fellow aviator Helen has always wanted to have a trial flight in a gyroplane and hopefully she will return for more.

 Biker Ian has a really great time flying the motorbike of the sky.

 Wil has a go on the controls and does rather well.

 Lee-Ann from Wigton returns from her trial flight in the rain.

Richard gets the chance to fly from the back seat rather than the front seat of a glider.

Amanda waits patiently for the last flight of the day.